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Tim-R Programming Consult Nigeria (Tim-R PCN) is a training platform, which is a combination of online and in-person experiences, designed to offer R-computing techniques for finding solutions to statistical and mathematically-inclined problems arising from both real-life and simulated datasets. Quite a number of international non-governmental organizations as well as academic institutions and agencies/ministries of government have partnered with Tim-R on different formidable projects, not far from promoting the use of R language among data scientists.

Approved by the apex Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria under auspices of the Corporate Affairs Commission, Tim-R PCN centers its focus on training & research development, manpower & human capacity development, and monitoring & evaluation using R syntax. It consults for some desired purposes relating to training the young ones how the sophisticated R language could be used to analyze statistical work. We are a group of men and women committed to ensuring that R Software is popularly known, freely distributed, conveniently used, and grossly retained among students of higher institutions, researchers, scholars, and academic (faculty) staff members in Nigeria (and abroad) while dealing with computational statistics.

Tim-R came into existence as a quest for programming knowledge by many undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students of higher institutions as well as academic researchers and lecturers, who are basically specialists in data science. However, because of its focus on using programming language to solve numerical problems in statistics, mathematics, economics, econometrics, engineering, business, computer science, operations research, to mention but a few, the idea was conceived by its founder, Tim. A. OGUNLEYE, on 14th September, 2017 with a view to helping many knowledge-seekers.

It all started with free weekly online lecture at 21:00 GMT Nigerian time every Sunday via WhatsApp. A group was created on WhatsApp and was named R Statistical Programming (RSP), though was later changed to Tim-R Programming Consult Nigeria. Within the first three months, the group's spaces have been exhausted and new ones were created. Currently, we have about five different groups bearing the same name – Tim-R Programming Consult Nigeria – meant for the same purpose. Later, another social medium, Telegram, was added as means of disseminating R codes to those who are in dare need to handle some of the statistical problems encountered. This platform occupies all our members at a glance. Moreover, in order to spread our wings beyond imagination, we created a Facebook page bearing the same name – Tim-R Programming Consult Nigeria – and a lot of our activities are posted for the interested ones to see.

Currently, apart from this webpage, we have extended means of promotion of R syntax to not less than six social media, where at a specified Nigerian time, classes are held and codes are distributed free of charge – questions are answered as appropriate as possible and knowledge is shared accordingly. We are greatly encouraged with an increasing figure of participants' turnouts towards attending many of our events both online and in-person. Today, Tim-R Programming is having thousands of followers on many social media as we promote the use of R language for data analyses and simulations. We source for funding through grants received from international agencies and organizations. Some time when no fund is received as grant for an event, we levy the participants with a view to covering some expenses on logistics and facilitation.

Data Science with R

One week in-person training workshop on Data Science with R Syntax is coming up between 12th – 16th July, 2021 at the Department of Mathematics, University of Lagos, Nigeria, organized by Tim-R Programming Consult in conjunction with R Consortium and University of Lagos, Nigeria.

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At Tim-R, we provide the following services: training, research, data simulation & analytics, and monitoring & evaluation using R syntax and any other statistical software packages.

Our trainings cut across many disciplines where statistics and data science are most useful. We use R to touch many disciplines such as Computing, Applied Statistics, Econometrics, Healthcare Services, Medical and Epidemiological Studies, Cartography, Morphometrics, Geostatistics, Industrial Statistics and Quality Control, Engineering, Accounting, Economics, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, and so on.

Introduction to R-syntax

Write simple R programmes and perform basic statistical operations.

Estimation & Inferences

Collect & collate, manipulate & blend data from different data sources.

Infographics & Visualisations

Structure, transform, and visualize data and perform exploratory data analysis (EDA).

Modellings (Linear & Non-linear)

Develop various economic and business models.

Machine Learning

Get introduced to machine learning techniques, data mining, and business intelligence, etc.

Business Intelligence

Develop data products for business intelligence and applications.


The idea behind the workshops conceived by Tim-R Programming Consult, Nigeria is to train young professionals in the field of Data Science with a view to leveraging data and analytics with identification and evaluation of opportunities to develop new insights, making better predictions and estimates, and so on.

Computation of Insurance Ratios using R syntax

@ Digital Bridge Institute, Lagos, Nigeria

Physical Symposium on Applied Statistics with R

@ Osun State University, Osun, Nigeria

Research & Reporting using R Dialect

@ Reiz Continental Hotel, Abuja

Upcoming Events

One Week in-person training workshop on Data Science with R-syntax is coming up between 12th - 16th July, 2021 A the Department of Mathematics, University of Lagis, Nigeria, organised by UNILAG Consult in conjunction with the Department of Mathematics, University of Lagos and Tim-R Programming Consult, Nigeria.

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